Britain will accelerate its consideration of the Amendment Magnitsky


If the amendment is accepted, Britain will freeze assets of Russians implicated in human rights violations. Will also cancelled their visa.

The UK government will accelerate the consideration in Parliament of the so-called Magnitsky Amendment to the bill on money laundering. On Wednesday, March 14, the Prime Minister said Britain Theresa may.

In this statement may have addressed deputati Parliament.

"By doing this, we do our part in global efforts to put pressure on those involved in the violations connected with Sergey Magnitsky. I hope... this (amendment) will gain the support of all parties," said Mei.

She noted that it submitted on Wednesday measures of pressure on Russia are not directed against ordinary Russians.

"Many Russians have chosen this country as their home, they respect the law and contribute to the development of the country. We must continue to support it. We have no quarrel with the Russian people who have reached in its history of great achievements," added may.

On the eve of may stated in Parliament that the British government was interested in adopting the Magnitsky Amendment. The bill envisages the introduction of a ban on issuing visas and freezing of assets of persons involved in violation of human rights.

The bill Sanctions (Violation of human rights and corruption) introduced by MP-labour's Ian Austin, and for foreigners, not with British and European passports. MPs unanimously supported the introduction of the bill, which means that the bill passed its first reading. The second reading is scheduled for June 2018.

Earlier it was reported that 23 Britain expels Russian diplomats.

In addition, Britain suspends bilateral contacts with Russia.

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