For the monetization of subsidies to issue Bank cards


For the monetization of subsidies and incentives have been developed a two-stage plan. Its completion should be a social issue Bank cards, which will be used to pay for subsidies.

Monetization of benefits and subsidies to Ukrainian citizens living in the homes to condominiums will occur in two stages. This was decided on Wednesday, February 14, during a meeting of representatives of the Ministry of social policy and associations of condominiums. It is reported press service Ministry of social policy.

It is noted that at the meeting of the Minister of social policy Andrei Reva condominiums with representatives from different cities of Ukraine have been developed two-stage algorithm of introduction of monetization of benefits and subsidies to citizens residing in condominiums.

In accordance with the plan, the first phase should be transitional. Provided that the monetization of benefits and subsidies to all types of assessments in condominiums, which are covered by the current social security system is introduced, starting from the accrual of such contributions, from January 2018.

"Since the charges in January 2018, condominiums account for the owners contributions in full (without reduction by the amount of benefits and housing subsidies). The local bodies of social protection of the population in receipt of funds from the State budget list the amount of benefits and housing subsidies to the citizens-recipients of benefits and housing subsidies for current account condominiums and condominiums at the same time send a registers of citizens, which lists incentives and subsidies, together with the amounts for each citizen. The condominiums include such funds to the payment of a citizen of the respective contributions and reduce his charges in future periods," - said in the message.

At the same time the second stage shall be the issuance of a special Bank card that will be credited benefits and housing subsidies in cash. Date of issue of these "social cards" to be determined.

The Ministry of social policy noted that to implement this algorithm, the parties agreed to urgently together with other interested agencies to develop the necessary changes to the legislation. While these positions require coordination with the Ministry of regional development, Ministry of Finance, state Treasury, GFS, National Bank of Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that The Cabinet has launched a monetization subsidies'.

As reported, Ukraine every second family has applied for subsidy.

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