Ex-Deputy of the state Duma told how Yanukovych received $1 billion


Former state Duma Deputy Ilya Ponomarev said that the fugitive ex-President Viktor Yanukovych received $1 billion for Ukraine's refusal from the Association with the EU.

The acquisition by Russia of Ukrainian government bonds was a scheme to bribe the family of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych to abandon the signing of the Association agreement with the EU. This former Deputy of the state Duma Ilya Ponomarev has declared during interrogation on a court session on the case of treason Yanukovych, writes UNIAN.

According to him, through the scheme of buying Ukrainian government bonds that Yanukovych and his family received a benefit of $ 1 billion. and it was a direct bribe, since the task was to directly bribe the family of Yanukovych.

The lawyer of ex-President Vitaly Serdyuk killed Ponomarev and said that former Russian MP is cheating, because the money for the bonds were received by Ukraine as a state, and not Yanukovych.

This ex-state Duma Deputy said, "I will give you an Economics textbook, there all it is written". He added that through certain schemes of Yanukovych's son Alexander got the opportunity to get rich in the stock market through this bond transaction.

"This is all done in order to Yanukovych refused to sign Association," he said.

Ponomarev also said that at first the Kremlin did not plan to Annex Crimea, and to engage the Ossetian scenario where Crimea declares independence and Russia subsequently recognized the independence.

He explained that as planned, because in 2004 the constitutional court of the Russian Federation explained that the Russian Federation cannot enter other countries, but only the country as a whole.

However, according to Russian policy, then decided to seize the Peninsula by the annexation.

*0. In addition, he stated that the letter of Yanukovych to Russian President Vladimir Putin to send troops to Ukraine has played a key role in the annexation, as it was an attempt to legitimize the annexation to Russia.

Consequence letter of the former President was Putin's address to the Federation Council with a request to allow him to send Russian troops to Ukraine at the request of Yanukovych.

Recall in the case of treason of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych in Obolon district court of Kiev next week plan to question President Petro Poroshenko.