Groysman announced deadbeat dads "enemies of the government"


The Prime Minister promised to create for the delinquent taxes the most stringent terms to force them to provide for their children.

People who evade paying child support, expect additional restrictions. This was during a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on March 14, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

The Prime Minister promised to establish maximum limits for non-payers.

"I want to say quite clearly to all those who do not pay child support: we will strictly to punish you. Will create the maximum limit that you feel that you life is not without having you to pay money to their children, worried about their welfare," he said.

"After all, as a General rule: threw the child on his mother's shoulders and strolling about. Family values and support especially children is a priority. Speak not only as Prime Minister but as a father" - was indignant Groisman.

The Prime Minister declared deadbeat dads "enemies of the government":

"If you do not pay the money, know that you are in the face of the government and the Prime Minister have enemies. We will descent do not give".

Earlier it was reported that defaulters of the alimony to forbid led autoo

We will remind, in the areas of established mobile teams on issues of alimony payment from debtors.

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