From the Ukraine sent the Russian criminal authority


The man controlled the activities of organized criminal groups committing grave and especially grave (resonance) of the crime. He also directly participated in committing these crimes.

Expelled from Ukraine Russian crime boss Zaur Dombaev: nicknamed "Hassan". As reported by the National police on Sunday, February 25, 56-year-old native of Chechnya living in the country without permits.

It is noted that he is a member of the illegal armed groups and influenced the worsening crime situation.

According to the police, Dombaev established control over illegal activities of organized criminal groups and he was involved in crimes.

"Alien developed criminal traditions, ideas, attitudes, with the aim of bringing to criminal activity of youth. Also financially supported the convicted persons, released from places of deprivation of liberty and influence them. Maintains close ties with the leaders of organized criminal groups operating on the territory of several regions, and also coordinates and harmonizes their actions with persons from criminogenic environment and thieves in law", - told in Department.

Dombaev: police detained in Vyshgorod. State migratory service has decided to forcibly expel him from the country with prohibition of entry to Ukraine for three years. The man was deported to Russia on February 23 the train Kiev - Moscow.

Earlier the employees of the security Service of Ukraine detained in Kiev Georgian criminal authority nicknamed "Papuna".

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