The language issue: Ukraine went to Hungary for a meeting


A complete introduction the language of article of the law On education was postponed until 2023. This article caused a categorical protests in Hungary.

In Ukraine, extended the transition period for the introduction of the "language" of article of the law On education for ethnic minorities. The corresponding decision on Wednesday, February 14, was taken at a Cabinet meeting, said TSN.

It is noted that children from national minorities and their parents will have more time for the transition to the new rules of teaching. The transition period will last until 2023.

"We will always proceed from the rights of national minorities in the country, but always the number one priority will be the development of the Ukrainian language, culture," - said the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

As reported, Hungary blocks a meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO because of claims to the language article of the Ukrainian law on education. Ukraine called such actions of Hungary's manipulation and blackmail.

Previously Liliya Hrynevych said that ethnic the Hungarians refused to discuss the law on education.

As reported Hungary has promised to block the program of NATO-Ukraine if Kiev does not fulfill a number of conditions. One of them was holding consultations with the involvement of national minorities.

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