North Korea launched a second per day ballistic missile


22 minutes after the launch of the first rocket from the southern coast of the Korean Peninsula, North Korea launched one ballistic missile

North Korea launched a second per day ballistic missile. About it reports South Korean Agency Yonhap.

At 5:55 local time (23:55 Kyiv time) North Korea launched one of its missiles. She flew 800 km and fell into the sea of Japan.

22 minutes after the first run radar South Korea recorded the launch of another ballistic missile from the same area. Radar lost the object at a height of 17 km.

It is likely that a second rocket exploded in the air before reaching the goal.

Less than a week ago, DPRK authorities have declared that are ready to make a preemptive strike by South Korea in response to joint military exercises, which are conducted by the army of South Korea and the United States.

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