Macedonia demolition of the monument for reconciliation with Greece


Since the collapse of Yugoslavia, Macedonia leads the dispute with Greece about its name, which asked the UN with the claim that the name "Macedonia" is a purely Greek word.

In Macedonia removed the signs with the name of Alexander the great with the main airport and key motorway and proceeded to dismantle the statues, which could be regarded as expansionary, relative to Greece. Writes Ekathimerini, therefore, the Macedonian authorities are trying to reassure Greece on the background of the dispute around the name of Macedonia.

In particular, in Skopje in front of the building of the main court of the country demolished a monument to the revolutionary and nationalist of the nineteenth century Andong Anevo. This monument, and the statues of leaders of Macedonia Byzantine and post-Byzantine times, was established during the Premiership of the head of the nationalist party of Nikola Gruevski.

The current Prime Minister Zoran Zaev was at that time in opposition.

Earlier Zaev said, that Macedonia is ready to add refinement to the geographical name of their country to solve the dispute with Greece, which prevents its entry into the European Union and NATO.

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