Mei was going to kill Russian spies in Britain


The Prime Minister commented on the expulsion of Russian diplomats. According to her, this is the most massive deportation in 30 years.

23 due to the expulsion of Russian diplomats the UK is hoping to radically undermine the work of Russian intelligence in the country. On Wednesday, March 14, Prime Minister Theresa may, reports RIA Novosti.

She also noted that this is the most large-scale expulsions during the last decades.

"This will be the biggest expulsion of more than 30 years, and this reflects the fact that this is not the first time that the Russian government acts against our country", - said the Prime Minister.

She also hopes to end the activities of Russian spies in the country.

"Through this expulsion, we fundamentally undermine the work of Russian intelligence in Britain for many years. And if they try to recover, we will prevent them to do it," said may.

Earlier it was reported that 23 Britain expels Russian diplomats.

In addition, London convened a meeting of the UN security Council.

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