In Bukovina border guards blocked for the release of smugglers


Unknown tried three cars to block the movement of the office car of militiamen, in which there were two detainees offenders, according to the border guards.

In Bukovina border guards declare the freezing of their activities by local smugglers with the intent to release their detained colleagues. On Wednesday, March 14, reports the press center of the state border service.

"Yesterday afternoon, escorting the two detainees offenders division detained while trying to move cigarettes to Romania, a group of persons tried to interfere in the activities of the border guard Department of Selyatino of the Chernivtsi border detachment and release their comrades," - said in the message.

In particular, according to the Agency, unknown persons tried three cars to block the movement of the office car of militiamen.

"During the attempted block was identified the number of persons who, according to available information probably involved in illegal activities," - said in the SBS.

On this fact openly criminal proceedings under the article providing for liability for threat or violence concerning the employee of law enforcement body in connection with his official duties.

Now on a place of incident arrived representatives of the National police carried out investigations. In respect of men drawn up on adminprotokoly for attempt of illegal crossing of the state border and willful disobedience to police officers.

Earlier it was reported that the guards missed the DNI in five bags of medications. Before it in Poland detained two Ukrainians over 160 kg of black caviar.

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