Dni's office is putting U.S.: Ukraine faces early elections


Public discontent with the pace of reforms, the deterioration of life standards and the aggravation of the political confrontation could lead to early elections in Ukraine, says the report of the Director of the N. I. USA.

Ukraine faces the inner turmoil that's ready to take Russia to change the Western orientation of Kiev. This is stated in report to Director of National intelligence Dan Coates assessment of the global threats the intelligence services of the USA published on Tuesday, February 13.

The document refers to the factors that threaten the economic revival of Ukraine and can potentially lead to changes in its foreign policy.

"The discontent of the population with the pace of reforms, the deterioration of living standards, the idea that corruption is enhanced, and the aggravation of political confrontation on the eve of the scheduled presidential and parliamentary elections in 2019 could lead to early elections", – stated in the report.

Coates added that the opposition leaders will try to use the discontent of the population in order to weaken Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and the ruling coalition before the elections of 2019.

American intelligence also predicts that the conflict in Eastern Ukraine will be frozen in its current form, and considers the occurrence of any of the parties is unlikely.

"The calculations of each of the parties can change if she sees that the other side seriously challenges the status quo", – the document says.

In addition, the report notes that Russia will continue military, political and economic campaign against the destabilization of Ukraine to suppress and to expand the efforts of Kiev to integrate into the EU and strengthening ties with NATO.

"Kiev will continue to resist any concessions demanded by Moscow, but almost certainly will not recover in 2018 control over areas in the East of Ukraine who are now controlled by Russia," according to US intelligence.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that carrying out early elections of the Verkhovna Rada are 57.1% of Ukrainians, and the holding of early presidential elections support to 54.5%.

As reported Корреспондент.net, Petro Poroshenko ruled out early elections in Ukraine.

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