Unknown people tried to attack Merkel at the Bundestag


The man ran to Merkel when she was walking to her car in Berlin, but was stopped by security. If you try the attack by gunmen shouted loudly for "non-German" language, media reported.

In Berlin, police arrested a man who tried to attack German Chancellor Angela Merkel. On Wednesday, March 14, reports Welt.

It is noted that the incident occurred at the exit from the Bundestag building.

"Merkel, who was going to go to the President of the country Frank-Walter Steinmeier, went to the car. The man ran to her, but was stopped by security. The Chancellor left the place of incident", - stated in the message.

However, no details of the incident are not reported.

It clarifies the issue, while trying to attack the man shouted loudly to the "non-German" language.

Recall, March 14, Merkel was for the fourth time elected to the office of the Chancellor. Before that, the President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier suggested Merkel as Federal Chancellor.

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