The Pentagon, the U.S. military punished for the shelling of a hospital in Afghanistan


In the defense Ministry did not specify what kind of punish officers responsible for the shelling of the hospital of Doctors without borders last year

The Pentagon the U.S. has punished more than a dozen American servicemen who have been involved in the airstrike on the hospital of Doctors without borders in Afghanistan last year. It is reported by BBC.

In defense of the United States recognized that the hospital fired accidentally. Killing 42 people. Any serviceman will not impose criminal charges.

It is not known what will be punished by the military, but that probably will be official sanction. Some employees received a formal reprimand, and some dismissed from the service.

The organization Doctors without borders did not comment on the United States until the Pentagon not published the details.

10 October 2015 military United States aircraft mistakenly caused an airstrike on the hospital organization Doctors without borders in Afghanistan's Kunduz.

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