Under Khmelnytsky due to the closure of schools, teachers and parents blocked the road


Officials came to the protesters, so they plan to continue the protest and to block the route of the state value.

In two villages Iziaslav district, Khmelnitsky region Wednesday, February 14, residents protested against the closure of schools, according to TSN.

To draw attention to the problem, the protesters blocked the road. It is noted that parents and teachers from two villages moved at a pedestrian crossing and stopped traffic.

Protesters say that in one village the local nine-year officials want to reorganize the primary school is to leave there only 1-4 classes. In other village plans to liquidate, it's high school.

Parents do not agree to transport children to another village. They say that their schools are all satisfied and there is sufficient number of students. Therefore, do not understand the reasons for closures. So in a fever the whole area as there are planning to reorganize about a dozen schools.

Officials of the people did not come, so the villagers plan to test it on the highways of the state value.

"Don't listen to the people, parents in despair, I don't know what to do. If it would be possible to solve it in a legal way, we wouldn't be blocked, would create such discomfort, but we have been driven to despair," - says the inhabitant of one of villages of the perturbed Irina Beskorovainaya.

As reported in the Donbas miners blocked two roads.

Informed in the Ministry of education promised significantly to increase teachers ' salaries.

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