The student, for noticing the company of adults was beaten to concussion


The young man was in the hospital for a month. First, the offenders have compensated money for treatment, and now he's suing the kid's mother for alleged extortion.

In one of the districts of Kirovohrad region company of adults drank vodka. The young man, who was passing by made a remark, reports TSN.

The next day, he met the children of those whom he passed the remark.

"They met me, kicked, forced to kneel," says the guy.

With a concussion and wounds on the face, the guy spent a month in the hospital. The money for treatment reimbursed by the parents of the offenders - a total of 13 thousand hryvnias. The boy's mother filed a police report.

But then the police forced the woman to take his statement, and when she withdrew it, the parents of boys who hit Nicholas, he gave his statement.

The mother of a teenager has opened a case for extortion. To protect the mother and son will now be a lawyer.

Recall that in the Zhitomir to death beat student.

Earlier near Kiev five students beat son of the official.

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