The situation in the zone ATO: militants ' activity has decreased, 18 attacks


According to the press center of the ATO, compared with other days, controlled by Russian gangs partially reduced the activity of today

Per day controlled by Russian gangs 18 times fired at positions of the Ukrainian military. According to the press center of the ATO, compared with other days, the militants have partially reduced the activity today.

"Compared to other days of combat activity of Russian terrorists has declined slightly. Just recorded 18 attacks of positions of Ukrainian armed forces, 12 of them in Donetsk and 6 - Mariupol directions", - is told in the message.

Since midnight and until the morning of the mercenaries fired at positions near Krasnogorovka with 82-mm mortar shells and fired from small arms near Marinka and Novotroitsk.

At 15:00, the militants increased the number of attacks on positions of ATO and with 82-mm mortar rounds, rocket-propelled grenades of different systems and small arms fired at the fortifications near the Plant.

VSU positions near zaytsevo fighters fired from mortars of a calibre of 120 mm, and the positions next to the Lenin - beat machine guns of large caliber. Ukrainian servicemen near Mayorsk mercenaries was covered from grenade launchers, large caliber machine guns and small arms.

The staff noted that indirect fire fighters tried to provoke the soldiers ate at the fire near Nevel, Krasnogorovka, Avdeyevka and Novgorod.

As reported the ATO spokesman Colonel Andrei Lysenko, for the past day in the fighting killed one Ukrainian soldier, three more were injured.

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