The court found the victim Rosenblatt


In the case of the arrest of Borislav Rosenblatt employees NABOO on Board the aircraft, the court took the side of the MP and found it to victims.

Pechersky district court of Kiev recognized Borislav Rosenblatt victims in the case about his arrest by detectives NAB in Zhulyany, when he tried to fly to Germany. On Tuesday 13 February, reports Ukrainian truth with reference to the decision of the court.

The magazine publishes a scan of the document with the appropriate solution.

The court ordered the senior investigator "to present a memo on the rights and responsibilities of the affected Rosenblatt Borislav Solomonovich".

The judgment not subject to appeal.

Lawyer Rosenblatt Constantin Globa in the comment to journalists noted that the judgment referred to the events which took place several months ago during the detention of the MP in the plane.

"It was a foreign side, not our Ukrainian airlines, respectively, all investigative actions were held in the framework of international cooperation. And this was not" - said the defender.

"He had a right to, bought a ticket. However, the detectives allowed him to do so, detained, searched and tried to query", - said Globa.

According to him, now, because of these events, the Prosecutor needs to present Rosenblatt memo. It must recognize the victims. This will give him the right, inter alia, a claim of illegal activity to initiate investigative and other actions that are necessary in the processing of the claim.

As is known, Rosenblatt accused that he has got 200 thousand dollars for influence on the decisions of officials of the state service of Geology and mineral resources and local government on the granting, OOO Uktechdays special permits for subsoil use.

Earlier it was reported that the court "legalized" search Rosenblat in the plane and the materials found with him in the plane, adds to the case.

Earlier in the NAB said that Rosenblat could take out materials "amber case".

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