Surkis: If Mariupol falls in the top 6, then again I will demand security guarantees


President of Kiev Dynamo will not deviate from their requirements if the "white-blue" will need to go to the match in Mariupol.

President of Kiev Dynamo Igor Surkis said that he will demand guarantees of safety for players, if Mariupol will be pinned at the top-6.

"Mariupol was awarded three points, with what I congratulate them, but if this team gets into the top six, then again I will demand security guarantees for their players.

Guarantee Pavelko I don't need. Politics in football should not be. You're a politician – mind policy.

The second failure of the match? Let's solve the current problem, and will talk about this later", – said Surkis in the program Granted.

Earlier it was reported that Dynamo lost to the Veres in the match The 21st round of the Premier League.

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