The price of gas this season will not rise − Rozenko


Vice Prime Minister noted that now the urgent matter of changing the incorrect formula for the price of gas and that negotiations with the IMF.

Increase gas prices for Ukraine's population in the current heating season will not. This was stated by Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko said on Thursday, February 22, live on channel 5.
"The topic of raising gas prices for the population, of course, is very sensitive and is constantly with the information space, as this is something that excites people, we, the President and the government, and I personally have repeatedly said that the gas in the heating season 2017-2018 Ukraine will not increase − no economic prerequisites for increasing prices," − said Rozenko.
The Vice Prime Minister stressed that "there is a big question for the formula of gas prices".
"When the Ministry, which initiated this process, deeper delving into the essence of the case was the question of that the formula is incorrect, it does not match the actual formation of gas prices", − said Rozenko.
He said that now is not a question about "what percentage increase or decrease in the price of gas". According to him, there is a question about changing the "unfair, biased" formula.
"Negotiations with the IMF are only from the point of view of what the right formula we prescribe that nobody had issues, neither the IMF nor the government of Ukraine, and, most importantly, the formula was clear to the citizens of Ukraine", − said Deputy Prime Minister.
Earlier, Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said that Ukraine and the IMF working on the issue of changing the price of gas for industry and population, but the rate for the population in this cold season will not raise.
We will remind, the law on anti-corruption court and bringing gas prices to market levels are the main conditions for the allocation of Ukraine the next tranche of the IMF.