Ukraine entered the top-10 worst countries for pensioners


In the ranking of countries where retirees live comfortably included 80 countries. Ukraine was on 72. In Russia the figure is even worse - the penultimate, 79.

In the ranking "Best countries for a comfortable retirement" Ukraine was on the 72 out of 80 countries. That rating was compiled by the American publication US News and business school Wharton and BAV Group.

At last, 80 the place was Iran. This country was ranked worst for retirement. At the same time, the most comfortable country for retirees for the second consecutive year is New Zealand. In the first three as Australia and Switzerland.

Belarus has overtaken Ukraine to the list – she's at 66. The Russian Federation ranked second to last, 79.

Neighbors of Ukraine in the ranking are Angola (71) and Algeria (73).

Poland ranked 32, Hungary - 39 place Czech Republic - 37, Romania - 50, Turkey - 46th place.

We will remind, in Ukraine came into force the new rules of retirement.

Previously, the Pension Fund called the maximum size of pensions in Ukraine.

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