Destroyed. Was the U.S. attack on Russians in Syria?


About the air strike by the US-led international coalition in Syria by the army of Bashar al-Assad and the Russian military continues to receive conflicting information.

Events in Syria will remain in focus around the world. The first Russian-American probation direct clash in Syria, which ended with the deaths of the Russians and their allies, the so – dubbed one of the battles last week.

The fact that the forces of Assad, backed by Russian mercenaries from so-called PMC Wagner, which are the major land forces of the Russians in Syria, attempted to occupy the oil region in 80 kilometers from Deir ez-Zor, controlled by opposing forces. The strength of the opposition – instruct the Americans.

In the end, the US military air strikes broke the column of attackers. According to various sources, the attack killed about 200 Russians. But officially this information no one confirms. found out what is now known about the battle in Syria.

Number of fatalities

When the air strikes the US-led international coalition in Syria, killing 13 Russians and another 15 were injured, reports "New newspaper" with reference to unnamed sources.

According to Bloomberg, which also cites unnamed sources, the RAID killed more than 200 people, most of whom were Russians.

Same the number of deaths in a conversation with The New York Times cited the Russian businessman Alexander Ionov, who works in Syria in the field of security. In the same material The New York Times cites an unnamed Syrian officer who reported the death 100 the Russians.

Ataman Oleg Surnin from the Ural city Asbest, where they lived some of the victims, said in an interview that has information about 217 the dead Russians.

Reliable confirmation of this information.

Version Of Russia

According to the command of the Russian military presence in Syria, in a convoy that was moving towards the direction of oil and gas field Conoco, the Russians was not to be. The Russian military handed over such information to the colleagues from the USA, and they decided to attack a column of air AC-130 and helicopter Ah-64 Apache, F-15s and drones, and artillery batteries, sea-based.

The defense Ministry on 8 February said that the Russians during the air strike was killed.

"The cause of the incident were inconsistent with the command of the Russian operational group in the village Salchow reconnaissance and search actions of the Syrian rebels", - stated in the message of Ministry of defense of Russia.

The Ministry clarified that the shelling was 25 wounded Syrian rebels, and Russian soldiers in the area of the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor at all.

In the Kremlin did not confirm or deny the mass death of Russian mercenaries in Syria.

"As you know, we operate data, which relate to members of the armed forces who participate in operation HQs in support of the Syrian army. Data about other Russians who may be in Syria, we do not have", – said Peskov.

He stressed that on the issue of dead Russians in Syria must be addressed, first and foremost, to the Ministry of defense of Russia.

February 12 the candidate in presidents of Russia Grigory Yavlinsky has demanded from Vladimir Putin to report on the mass death of Russians in Syria.

Peskov, said that Yavlinsky may not have accurate data on the deaths of Russians in Syria.

"Because, first, we have the information published in the media. I don't think that Mr. Yavlinsky is any more reliable sources of information. But in this case we appeal to all not to use media reports as a source", – said Putin's press Secretary.

"And, of course, still, let's be aware that in many countries there is a sufficient number of our countrymen, the Russians. And, of course, here to have some information very difficult," he added.

However, according to him, the published data is "need verification".

This Peskov assured that this topic was not discussed yesterday during a telephone conversation of heads of the Russian Federation Putin and the United States Donald trump.

US version

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis, said that the attack was carried out exclusively in self-defense.

"Obviously, we have a right to self-defense. You have seen how the forces that support the regime, for whatever reason, probably, without telling the Russians, without coordination with anyone cross the river and then attack us, " said Mattis.

According to an unnamed U.S. official, the attack occurred after more than 500 proasadovskih the military started an attack on the Syrian opposition forces, who were accompanied by US military advisers in the province of Deir al-Zor. This was reported by AP.

The source also said that air strikes the United States caused once allied to Assad troops "opened fire from artillery and tanks in the direction of the U.S.-backed Syrian democratic forces".

CBS News, citing an anonymous source in the Pentagon informs that among the people who attacked the United States in Syria were Russian mercenaries. However, the official Pentagon "does not believe that among the people attacked were Russian".