The hurricane destroyed the Parliament building in the Kingdom of Tonga


The Parliament building was over a hundred years. The deputies repeatedly had intended to adopt a resolution on the construction of a new, and now they still have to do it.

Hurricane-force winds, which brought the cyclone Gita destroyed Parliament building in the Kingdom of Tonga, which is located on an island in the southwestern Pacific ocean. On Tuesday, February 13, according to the Australian news Agency ABC.

It is reported that the Parliament building was more than 100 years. Now remains unknown, where deputies will meet.

"It was an old building. There was always the risk that it will happen. In recent years, there were several legislative initiatives for the construction of a new Parliament. Think it's now become a necessity", - said the member of Parliament, Lord Fusitua.

It is also noted that the Gita cyclone tore roofs off buildings, knocked down trees and caused extensive flooding. Destructive wind reached a speed of 230 kilometers per hour.

As previously reported, in the capital of the Kingdom of Tonga Nuku'alofa, about 70% of homes and buildings were completely or partially destroyed as a result of tropical cyclone Gita.

Earlier, it was reported from hurricane Frederick that hit the Netherlands and North-Western regions of Germany.

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