In Odessa teen sprayed at school gas canister


The pupil of one of the Odessa schools used pepper spray in the hallway of the school during recess. Several people were injured, one girl was hospitalized.

At the Odessa school one of the students sprayed pepper spray right in the corridor. In hospital hospitalized 11-year-old girl. The incident occurred on Monday, February 12, reports Duma.

As noted, the incident injured several children. One of the kids was in the hospital. The school administration and the police are investigating the incident.

The national police commented that on the fact of hooliganism an inspection is carried out.

"Review of the incident under personal control of head of the Department of juvenile prevention", —said Advisor to the head of the Odessa police Ruslan Forostyak.

Earlier in Chernihiv school student sprayed an unknown gas.

As reported in Kharkiv three student went to the hospital due to the sputtering gas.

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