In Poland, the police were called because of "Glory to Ukraine"


In Poland during the commemorative events with the participation of the Ukrainian delegation in the village Sagrini called the police because of the greeting "Glory to Ukraine - Glory to Heroes".

In the village Sagrini in the Lublin region of Poland due to the greeting "Glory to Ukraine - Glory to Heroes" during a memorial events called the police. On Wednesday, March 14, writes

It is noted that the incident occurred on Saturday, March 10 when the official Ukrainian delegation, which included Ambassador of Ukraine in Poland Andriy Deshchytsia, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Bodnar, representatives of local authorities in the Lviv and Volyn regions came to the village to commemorate the murder of Polish Army Craiova in 1944 the Ukrainians.

According Dzennik Wschodni, first Deputy Chairman of the Volyn regional Council Alexander Pirozek concluded the traditional Ukrainian greeting "Glory to Ukraine. Glory To The Heroes".

"And so future generations if some short-sighted policies on both sides of the border do not understand, will come to the realization that Ukrainians Bandera and UPA heroes, the poles - the other, only then will we have a common future. Glory To Ukraine!" said Perozek.

In turn, one of those present at the event, the poles took the salute as the glorification of Stepan Bandera, which under recently enacted changes in the law on the Institute of national remembrance in Poland, is prohibited. The man called at the cemetery the police.

The police copied passport data of Eroica and went. Now the local Prosecutor's office will establish whether there was a violation of the recently adopted law.

Recall, February 1, the Polish Senate without amendment adopted the law on the Institute of national memory, which criminalizes the denial of "the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists" against the poles. The law came into force on 1 March.

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