In Transcarpathia will be hard to maintain order because of possible provocations


The regional government is taking measures to ensure peace and order in Transcarpathia, to exclude provocation on March 16-18 in the region.

In the Transcarpathian region, police have stepped up security order, particularly at the time of the events to the anniversary of the Carpathian Ukraine. Measures taken in connection with possible provocations in the region, according to regional police on Wednesday, March 14.

"In connection with the recent events that have occurred in the region, we have introduced enhanced mode of service. Besides the events, which will be in Transcarpathia, the police in emergency mode will protect public safety and order on the streets of cities in the region", - noted in police.

The press service of the Transcarpathian regional state administration also reported that the regional government takes measures to ensure peace and order in Transcarpathia, to exclude provocations during the celebration of the anniversary.

"The state administration held a special meeting, including with representatives of power structures, where it was commissioned by Gennady Moskal to use maximum force to ensure public order in the area. The police warned that some measures from right-wing organizations to the anniversary of the Carpathian Ukraine can be used to incite ethnic hatred. It will give special attention in order to prevent provocations", - said the Director of the Department of information activities and communications with the public of Transcarpathian regional state administration Yaroslav galas.

Informed the Hungarian foreign Ministry does not recommend its citizens visit Transcarpathia 16-18 March because of possible provocations.

Earlier it was reported that the OSCE mission has strengthened monitoring in Uzhgorod because of the arson of the Society of Hungarian culture of Transcarpathia. At the same time Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko said that the reason for the introduction of the OSCE observation mission in Transcarpathia there.

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